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All About Cable Ties

A cable tie is a length of strap commonly made of Nylon 6/6 used to bundle and lock items together. The width, length and head area of the tie utilize ratcheting mechanisms for this purpose. Cable Ties are also known as Fasteners, Zip Ties, Wire Ties, Duct Straps, and Tie Wraps.

For those unfamiliar with cable ties it may be hard to choose the right size for the given application. We hope the information below will be helpful:

Length: A cable tie’s length is determined by measuring from its head to its tail. Lengths are generally approximate and are rounded off to the closest half-inch.

Bundle Diameter: The Bundle Diameter is determined by measuring the Diameter of the closed cable tie circle. Although the length of two cable ties may be the same. the bundle Diameters may be different depending on where the teeth (used to lock the cable tie) begin.

Tensile Strength: The Tensile given in pounds is a measure of the amount of outward pressure that the ties can handle before breaking. Tensile Strengths range from 18 lb. for miniature ties to 250 lb. for extra-Heavy-Duty Ties.

Width: The width is the measurement of the cable tie’s body from side to side.

In Most applications after the items are bundled or tied the excess cable tie is cut off. Therefore when necessary one can usually substitute with a longer length tie. Most cable tie Tools come with a mechanism to remove the access strap.

The most common cable tie types are described below. Many come in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes:

Standard Cable Ties
Standard cable ties are manufactured from strong and resilient type 66 nylon material. They meet most basic needs and come in a varying lengths and thickness. Standard Cable Ties with 50 lb. Tensile Strength are available in 4" through 14" lengths.

Heavy Duty Cable Ties
Heavy-duty cable ties are primarily used to connect flexible high- or low-pressure duct in heating and air-conditioning applications. One-piece, injection molded construction provides maximum strength and adjustability for securing all sizes of bundles. Extra features such as rounded edges and bent-tip design make installation easy, fast, accurate and secure. Heavy-Duty Cable Ties with 120 lb. – 175 lb. Tensile Strengths are available in 14" through 32" lengths.

Stainless Steel Cable Ties
Stainless steel cable ties are typically uses in an sensitive environment such as the chemical industry and long-term exposure. They have a unique ball locking mechanism that allows the tie to be quickly and easily installed, but not undone. Stainless Steel Cable Ties install much quicker than traditional metal strapping systems.

Releasable Cable Ties
Releasable cable ties are the perfect solution for temporary fastening duties such as prototype installations or equipment requiring frequent modifications. The reusable nature of these cable ties maximizes profitability and reduces labor time. Releasable ties are available in 6" through 12" lengths with a tensile strength of 50 lbs

Push Mount Cable Ties
Push mount cable ties offer one step fastening. They feature locking barbs to snap easily and hold securely in a hole. They can be mounted either before or after bundling for many different electronic, automotive and other applications. Securely mounts wiring harnesses to panels or walls. Screw mounts are available in 50 and 120 lb. tensile strengths.